The White Lake High School Board in its 4th meeting held on 14th July 2018;
reviewed the School Rules that have been in use to make them more relevant and
functional. The reviewed rules have been in use since 15th July, 2018. Accordingly,
each student is required to observe them.

Aims of the School Rules:

The White Lake High School rules aim at:-
a) Promoting good behaviour, self-discipline and respect in the school,
b) Ensuring that students complete assigned work within the prescribed time,
c) Regulating conducts of students,
d) Punish poor behaviour of students.
e) Ensure student attain set academic standard.
In implementing these rules, the Headmaster and or his delegatee shall have
power to:
a) Screen and or search the student and his properties whenever deemed
b) Use reasonable force and other physical contact; and
c) Discipline the student within the school premises

The School Rules.

General Students Conducts
i. Students are not allowed to get out of the school compound and or gates
without prior written authorization from the Headmaster or his/her
ii. Each student must put on proper school uniform while travelling to and from
the school.
iii. Eating outside the Dining Hall is prohibited.
iv. Unauthorized attires, article and materials are not allowed at the school;
these includes but not limited to
a) Knife
b) Weapons
c) Alcohol
d) Illegal drugs
e) Stolen items
f) Tobacco and cigarettes
g) Pornographic images
h) Cell phone, tablets, laptops
i) Fireworks
j) Attires other than those authorized by the school.
v. Students visitation shall be limited to authorized parents /guardians only.
vi. All external communication must be done through the school spokesperson
(Headmaster) or his/her delegate.
vii. All visitors and day scholars are not allowed into the students dormitories.
viii. English is the official language of the school. All students must
communicate in English throughout the period while at school.

Conducts Relating to School Programmes

i. All students should observe in full daily school programme. Absenteeism,
skipping some lessons /exams, coming late, or attending the programme in
part is punishable under these rules.
ii. All students should observe cleanliness of their bodies, clothes, dormitories
and the environment.
iii. Each student must attend and complete assigned work within the
prescribed time.

Conducts Relating to fellow students, Teachers and Administrative staff of
the school.

i. Each student should attend to and observe all lawful instructions/order from
teachers and non-teaching staff.
ii. Each student should treat fellow student with respect, honest and
iii. Bullying of a fellow student(s), teachers or any other member of the school
is prohibited.
iv. All students are prohibited from engaging into marital status/love affairs.
v. Homosexuality is criminalized at and outside the school.
vi. Quarrying or fighting with fellow student(s), teachers and or with any other
member of staff is criminalized under these rules.
vii. Stealing of article(s) of a fellow student or any other person is prohibited.

Conduct relating to school Properties

i. Vandalizing, deformation and or destruction of school properties is

Punishment of Poor Behaviour

All students conduct which fall below the expected standards, misbehaviour,
breach school rules or fails to follow reasonable instruction imposed by a teacher
or school staff shall be liable to punishment.

Sanctions for correcting Poor Student behaviour.

i. A verbal reprimand
ii. Extra work or repeating unsatisfactory work until it meets desired
iii. Missing break time
iv. School based municipal services
v. Regular Reporting including early reporting.
vi. Confiscation or destruction of authorized materials.
vii. Detention during lunch time, after school, on holiday or weekends.
viii. Coporal punishment as per Government’s guidelines.
ix. Temporary suspension for maximum of 14 days.
x. Permanently exclusion (Expulsion)
xi. Temporary suspension for 14 days and replacement of stolen, destroyed

Conditions for instituting the Sanctions

i. Sanctions should be consistently implemented and fairly in line of these
ii. Imposed sanction(s) should never compromise the student’s safety.
Teachers should avoid putting the student at Risk by
a) Checking whether the student has known ailment which makes the
sanction unreasonable.
b) Check whether the parent ought to be informed of the detention.
iii. The sanction(s) should be reasonable in terms of the gravity the offense
committed as well as the age of the student.

Offenses and sanctions

i. Breach of article 3.1(i); evoke article 4.2(ix) and or (x)
ii. Breech of article 3.1(i),(iv); apply article 4.2(i), (iv).
iii. Violating article3.1 (iv); apply 4.2 (ix) and or 4.2(viii).
iv. Breech of article 3.2(i) to (iii) punishable through article 4.2(i) to (v)and
or (x) where the offense involves scheduled exams.
v. Breech related to article 3.3(i) to 3.3(iii); subject to penalties of article
4.2(i) to(iv)
vi. Committing an offense related to article 3.3(iv), (v) and (vi), penalized
through 4.2(viii) and (x)
vii. Commission of an offense relating to article 3.3(vii) and 3.4(i); subject to
punishment of article 4.2(viii) and or 4.2 (x).
viii. Commission of an offense relating to 3.4(i), is punishable under article
4.2(viii), (ix) and or (xi).